Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Entry for Blog's sake

I am not one to just post just to say I did it. I try to make sure that when I publish a post that it means something. So...

I am typing this in the back of a lecture room at Cleveland Clinic Foundation. I am doing the AV and projection for one of the sub-meetings of the World Congress of Endo-Urology. The entire meeting consists of more than 1500 people from around the world. The have all come here for a medical education seminar that will encompass over 10 days, 15+ live surgeries broadcast from multiple locations on our 20+ block facility campus.

I have no idea what the speakers are saying because this is a meeting of Brazilian Urologists. I am expected to resolve their many issues with AV although we can barely communicate in English with on another.
These are the types of events that are almost everyday for me since beginning to work part time at "CCF" about 3 years ago. I am very pleased with all the knowledge that working here has afforded me. Not many people can say that they establish 2 way satellite communications with multiple locations around the world almost on a daily basis. All of this has shown me that the average church is barely touching the surface of possibilities with media and communications.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to coordinate with a missionary in China to live webcast a 2 way meeting?? I personally know that we in America do not understand the plight of those in other countries. I would love to facilitate a way for those that work in the mission field abroad to share their experiences with us. What about ministry classes? I know everyone doesn't have access to facilities to learn face to face. The web is being used but I wonder how much more it could be?

As these Brazilian delegates speak to me in the universal language of "AV", I am awed at what God has put at our disposal. I challenge us all to rise to the occasion and think outside the box to provide new ways to spread the Gospel to the world(wide web)!!

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