Friday, April 27, 2007

Technology for Worship at InfoComm

So I get to work on Tuesday and my supervisor informs me that since the other guys in the department had gone to NAB ....... looks like I get to go to InfoComm on the company dime this year! For those that don't know, InfoComm is the NAB or AES for the projection/AV industry. This year it's in Anaheim, CA.
The thing is that the Technology for Worship conference is running in conjunction with the rest of the stuff. I hope that I can do a little of both but right now I have no clue if that's going to work out. As you all know I do this sound training thing a lot. As a matter of fact I have been busy doing so many different things that I have not been doing regular postings. Rest assured that I have not been wasting time though. There are a lot of things I am working on including the instructional DVD for newbie sound men that I have spoken about before. I went back to the drawing board on it because I didn't feel the production value was going to be at the level I wanted it. Trust me I feel like it was worth it.
So if nothing else I will post back on my InfoComm experiences later.